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April 13, 2024
12:00 PM
Carterville Community Center





One of the most treasured moments for a woman is the birth of her baby. Doctors and nurses at SIH Memorial Hospital of Carbondale’s Birthing Center share in this exciting moment in their patients’ lives. For them, it’s not just another day on the job. It’s their mission to make the experience all about mom and baby. This sentiment is one reason SIH Memorial Hospital of Carbondale is nationally recognized for patient experience. This is one of the most memorable times of life, and SIH is here to make sure it happens safely and comfortably.

Sometimes, a newborn needs special services that the SIH Special Care Nursery can provide. Memorial Hospital of Carbondale is the only Level 2 plus nursery in the Southern Illinois region. Care is provided to infants greater than 30 weeks gestation and that weigh more than 2.75 pounds in the SIH Special Care Nursery at Memorial Hospital of Carbondale. On average, about 20 infants are admitted each month. Parents are encouraged to be at the bedside as much as possible and actively participate in their infant’s care. The nurses and providers strive to provide the most family-centered care possible during this sensitive time.

No matter the needs of mom and baby, the Women and Children’s Department are there to support new families during this time.  


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